Tuesday, May 2, 2006


Doomsday Scenarios

`Don’t believe the hype—The debate among scientists over the reality of global warming has come to an agreement: It’s happening right now. Given that fact, it’s time to meditate on what will happen if the status quo remains unchanged. [..]

Let’s start off with the summer months—June, July and August. Think about the drought that Europe had a couple of years ago, which resulted in tens of thousands of fatalities and major crop loss. According to analyses of the world’s climate, a European summer drought that would [currently] occur once every 20 years, can be expected to occur once every three years toward the end of the century, when carbon dioxide emissions will be roughly twice what it was in pre-Industrial Revolution times. That’s a seven-fold increase.

The same calculations go for El Niño-like weather patterns in the Pacific and monsoons in Southeast Asia. Extreme flooding could make countries like Bangladesh uninhabitable and would displace thousands of environmental refugees.’

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