Thursday, May 4, 2006


Irish truckers hit new low with bridges

`Irish rail officials have lashed out at the “gross stupidity” of truck drivers who can’t seem to stop ramming into low bridges.

Trucks have rammed — and become lodged beneath — bridges 52 times so far this year. One bridge had been struck 70 times in the past five years, The Independent reported. [..]

“It’s gross stupidity not being aware of the height of the bridge,” he said. “Another bridge that is regularly struck is 10-feet-6-inches. It’s absolutely insane that somebody could be stupid enough to hit that bridge.”

Jimmy Quinn of the Irish Road Haulers’ Association agrees.

“Anybody who’s driving round in a vehicle and doesn’t know its height is stupid,” said Quinn. “That’s a bald fact and only an idiot would try to defend that.”‘

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