Wednesday, June 7, 2006


Egg farmer faces charges in dispute

`The Egg Farmers of Ontario have laid charges against a farming couple who became locked in a tense standoff with police when the federal food inspectors raided their chicken farm.

Shawn Carmichael and his wife, Paula, each face 11 charges under the Farm Products Marketing Act.

The couple and about 40 protesters became involved in a shoving match during a 10-hour standoff with police on March 23 at their farm in Spencerville, south of Ottawa near Hwy. 401.

At one point, someone used a front-end loader to push an OPP officer back from the entrance to the farm’s driveway.

The standoff ended peacefully when Carmichael agreed to hand over a dozen chickens, a crate of eggs and photocopies of some of his files.’

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