Thursday, June 8, 2006


A Recent Surge In Violence…

`This morning I learned that Pentagon officials have said that force levels in Iraq would not be cut “anytime soon,” apparently because of a “recent surge in violence” sweeping Iraq. But what struck me most about that news was votesomemore’s response in this thread claiming that, “There is ALWAYS a ‘recent surge in violence.'”

That got me thinking. Is there always a “recent surge in violence” in Iraq? I Googled the phrase, and discovered that the answer to the question is, well, yes.

There are a few notable periods where violence is not reported as a “recent surge,” (for example, Nov 2003 – Mar 2004) and there are a few notable periods where the violence is much worse (for example, May 2005).

But overall, it appears that there is a “recent surge in violence” reported in Iraq pretty much every few weeks.’

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