Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Stolen Nun Bun continues travels

`Like something out of a David Lynch movie, except yummier and less confusing, the Nun Bun bandit has sent an additional clue to The Tennessean concerning the whereabouts of the world-famous AWOL pastry.

Following up to a letter and photo of the Nun Bun sent to the newspaper nearly a month ago, the second letter was received today, along with a photo showing the bun being shown off by two smiling young men.

The iconic cinnamon bun, notable for its resemblance to Mother Teresa, appears to still be in one piece and does not appear to have been damaged by its apparent kidnapping from the Bongo Java coffeeshop. [..]

Nashville police officials said they shelved the case after an investigation because of its “low solvability.”‘

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