Monday, July 3, 2006


Brooklyn Mob Attacks Cabby, Fare

`See, this is why mobs aren’t really a good idea. They’re just too quick to judge. For example, yesterday afternoon in East Flatbush a livery driver seemingly lost control of his vehicle and swerved into an 8-year-old riding a bike. When the hack finally stopped crashed his cab into a wall a “group of dozens of bystanders confronted and attacked him.”

And then it gets crazier.

The cabby, as he was being beaten, finally managed to explain his side of the story to his assailants. It wasn’t that he was a bad driver, he explained, no, it turns out he lost control of his car after “his passenger had struck him in the head with a metal bar” in an attempt to rob him. Upon hearing this news the crowd left the driver and “turned to his passenger, beat him, and tightened a belt around his neck.”‘

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