Tuesday, July 18, 2006


MP’s ‘love’ for Balding’s killers

‘New South Wales Labor MP Peter Breen has penned a sickening tribute to the killers of Janine Balding in which he talks about his realisation one night “under the stars” that he loved two of them. [..]

He declares the oldest of the three killers – “Shorty” Jamieson – to be innocent of the murder. Mr Breen calls “blue-eyed” Jamieson by his nickname Jamo. He bought him a television for his cell.

“Jamieson is gazing out the high-barred window behind me, his eyes reflecting blue sky,” Breen describes one jail meeting in his bizarre paperback, researched mainly in parliamentary time.

“I love Shorty Jamieson and I’m not afraid to say so.”‘

Update: Killer love remarks: MP resigns

‘A NSW upper house state MP who said he loved two of the killers of Janine Balding has resigned from the Labor Party, Premier Morris Iemma says.’

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