Saturday, August 5, 2006


Heavy Internet users fall down on social, household tasks

`Canadians who spend more than an hour a day on the Internet devote less time to socializing with their spouses and children and less time doing household chores, according to a study released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday.

The report, which relied on data from a 2005 general social survey on time use, found that, on average, heavy Internet users (those who spend more than an hour a day in their personal time on-line) each spend five weeks a year surfing the web.

The study also found that these frequent users spend nearly 30 minutes less each day with their partner and kids than non-users (those who spend less than five minutes on-line a day).

“Heavy Internet users lead a very different lifestyle than non-Internet users in terms of their work and domestic lives,” said Ben Veenhof, who authored the study.’

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