Thursday, August 10, 2006


Stephen Baldwin and America’s Culture War

`”There isn’t enough police presence, drugs are permitted and tolerated and there are bums all over the place. If you allow lawlessness, it’ll lead to decay. Ever since I became a religious person, I’ve noticed how much our country is deteriorating. We’re more worried about trees and rivers than about people. How can people who are so concerned about the environment allow a porn shop? The answer is easy. We stare at our constitution, which is so full of rights that everything gets mixed up and there are no more limits. For example, if one state after another allows gay marriage, maybe it’ll be legal for a father to marry his daughter in ten years. What’ll happen next? Can a woman marry her German Shepherd dog? Twenty years ago, the US mainstream considered gay marriage just as wrong and misguided as a woman marrying her dog. Where is all this going?”‘

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