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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Good Day, Mr. Kubrick…

‘In 1984, Director Stanley Kubrick placed ads throughout the U.S. for young aspiring actors to send in audition tapes for “Full Metal Jacket”. This is one of them…’

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Monday, October 30, 2006


Drive Through Oil Change Gone Wrong

‘Now, how many times does this happen in North America daily? we caught it on tape….while the driver should know better, look at the attendants directions. wonder if either of these two could find their ass with both hands??’

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Complete Audio of the Execution Tapes

`Below is the complete collection of subpoenaed Georgia execution tapes, totaling more than eight hours of audio. These RealAudio files are transfers of the raw, unedited tapes. Some of the tapes begin after the execution has started or end before the procedure has been completed. Any gaps in the files exist on the original tapes themselves.’


How to Burn a Three Terabyte CD

`A new nano-optical device can focus laser light tighter than traditional optics, which could lead to higher-density data storage.

A computer simulation of the optical nano antenna that Harvard researchers have fabricated. Consisting of two gold-coated nano rods separated by a 30-nanometer gap, the antenna can focus light from a commercial laser to a spot just 40 nanometers wide. It could be used to write terabytes, rather than gigabytes, of data to a CD or DVD.’

Family Meal Ruined By Urine Thrower

`The family of four was enjoying a meal together at Pizza Piazza in the High Street at about 9.15pm on October 16 when they were approached at their table by the suspect, who was carrying a clear plastic bag containing what police believe to be urine.

He was heard to say “This is for you” and then threw the liquid over the family and their food. He then quickly walked out of the restaurant.

A waitress in the restaurant called the police who did not arrive immediately, leaving the family sitting in urine-soaked clothes for more than 30 minutes.’


Air Canon Nut Shot

‘These guys build a sweet air canon and decide they need a human target to test it out.’

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Blind kid uses echolocation to “see”

‘Amazing kid who did not let his blindness slow him down. From video games to skating, it is almost as if he can see.’

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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Fridge Falls On Local Woman, Traps Her For 4 Days

`69-year-old Inga Walen’s refrigerator was top heavy and as she leaned in to open the fridge door, it fell forward, toppling her.

Inga tried calling for help any way she could. At first she grabbed some shattered glass pieces that fell on top of her during the accident, and she threw them at her kitchen window to draw attention and make noise. After that didn’t work, she then managed to grab a wooden spoon and a pressure cooker lid, and banged the two together as she called for help.

Luckily by the fourth day, Greg Allen, a politician running for the Placer County Water Board, heard Inga’s call for help while going door-to-door campaigning. He found an unlocked door and ran in to save Inga’s life.’

Four days banging on a pressure cooker with a wooden spoon. Heh.


Man faces DWI charges after allegedly rear-ending car

`A Syracuse man faces DWI charges after police said he got into an accident with his 15-year-old son in the car. Stephen Bowman, 48, has been charged with driving while intoxicated and endangering the welfare of a child. [..]

The 15-year-old told police his father had been drinking beer at the game, and he had to slap his father repeatedly in the car to keep him awake.’


Six Primitive Traps For Catching Food In The Woods

I could go live in a cave and eat rabbits, or something.


The Flusher King

`To objectively test the flushing performance of six-litre toilets, Gauley first had to develop a “test specimen” that would better replicate human waste than past “non-realistic test media (sponges, plastic balls and beads, craft paper, etc.),” the current report says.

“For a long time someone would try something and say, `Hey, I found this Play-Doh’ and we’d sit around the boardroom table squishing it through our fingers,” Gauley recalls.

He and his team eventually found a material that eerily replicates the density, moisture content, and other properties of the real thing: a brownish soybean paste imported from Japan in 20-kilogram containers. It’s better known as miso.’


High School Student Gets Head Smashed Into Curb

`A 17-year-old boy was sent to the hospital after he received a brutal beating, in the form of a new punishment called “curbing.”

Gavin Lyon, a senior at Bingham High School, was beaten last Friday night. Family and friends believe he was “curbed” – a violent maneuver where a person’s head is placed against a concrete curb on a street, and someone steps on the back of the head. In most cases, this procedure causes the jaw to break along with several teeth. [..]

Gavin sustained a broken jaw, several broken teeth, a fractured neck and his sinus cavity was crushed. Doctors have also placed a titanium plate inside of his head.’

Curry May Keep Aging Minds Sharp

`A diet containing curry may help protect the aging brain, according a study of elderly Asians in which increased curry consumption was associated with better cognitive performance on standard tests.

Curcumin, found in the curry spice turmeric, possesses potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. [..]

After taking into account factors that could impact test results, they found that people who consumed curry “occasionally” and “often or very often” had significantly better MMSE scores than did those who “never or rarely” consumed curry.’

Relentless waiter surprises deadbeats

`The four customers left Peking Palace without paying for their meal.

Waiter Bobby Aru noticed; he would be stuck paying their $40 dinner tab Monday night at his mother’s restaurant, 1261 S. Rock Road.

He ran into the parking lot and hollered at the three men and one woman to stop. When they got into a red pickup, he impulsively jumped into the bed of the truck as they drove away. [..]

He said he yelled at them again to stop, but it didn’t matter. The driver swerved and made sharp turns in an effort to “shake me loose.”

But Aru hung on.

“It looked like a kung fu movie,” he said.’


‘What kind of person does a thing like that?’

`He’s broken into nine houses on the Mountain since July. He’s stolen thousands of dollars worth of jewellery, cash and small electronics. He took a cop’s badge from one house. He’s busted in doors and ransacked rooms.

Most disturbing of all, though, wasn’t what he was taking. It was what he was leaving behind.

He’s defecated at seven scenes. Usually he leaves his calling card in the back yard. Once on the kitchen floor. At another place, he left feces in a bikini and on the bed sheets.

The cops call him the Happy Crapper.’


Weight gain means lower gas mileage

`Want to spend less at the pump? Lose some weight. That’s the implication of a new study that says Americans are burning nearly 1 billion more gallons of gasoline each year than they did in 1960 because of their expanding waistlines. Simply put, more weight in the car means lower gas mileage. [..]

“The bottom line is that our hunger for food and our hunger for oil are not independent. There is a relationship between the two,” said University of Illinois researcher Sheldon Jacobson, a study co-author.’

A 60 Acre Web of Mystery

`A warning: If the thought of tens of millions of tiny spiders spinning a web 24 hectares – 60 acres – in size and crawling all over it scares the wits out of you, you might want to tread carefully over the following. Because that’s exactly what happened last month on a farmer’s field near McBride, about 220 kilometres east of Prince George. For reasons that area scientists don’t really understand, millions and millions of tiny black spiders called Halorates ksenius – they have no common name – became trapped in Russell Jervis’ clover field and started spinning webs.’


Nurse ‘killed patient over grudge’

`A nurse in the US killed a plastic surgery patient she had a 30-year grudge against because she stole her boyfriend when they were at school, prosecutors have said. Sandra Joyner’s death after a mini-facelift had been attributed to medical error. But five years later, nurse anaesthetist Sally Hill has been charged with poisoning her with a powerful painkiller.’

Friday, October 27, 2006



jetaxe’s reviews

My friend jetaxe has some stuff linked through his stumbleupon whatsit.

An axe with a jet on it! 🙂


Mum stopped CPR ‘to have a smoke’

`A methadone-addicted mother stopped for a cigarette while attempting to resuscitate her baby as instructions were relayed on the phone from a triple 0 operator, a Supreme Court jury was told yesterday.

The mother, who cannot be named, sobbed in the dock during a harrowing replay of the emergency call, made from the Londonderry home of Michelle Sava on January 16, last year.’


Gorilla Picks Butt And Eats It

‘I guess the zoo isn’t feeding their gorillas as many fresh bananas as they used to. Right after this was filmed the gorilla got a call from a Dutch porn producer, he’s gonna be a star!’

(2.7meg Windows media)

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Dungeons & Dragons player tried for murder after killing co-worker with homemade sword

`On Oct. 27, 2004, James Flemons walked into work with a homemade samurai sword and slashed his co-worker to death.

Prosecutors say Flemons, then 30, was angry because of constant bullying by the victim, Anthony Williams, and other co-workers at Peerless Metal Powders & Abrasive.

But Flemons’ lawyer says he is schizophrenic with a psychotic obsession with fantasy role-playing games, including Dungeons & Dragons.’


Girls’ Underwear Costumes Too Nude For School

‘A high school principal has decreed that Captain Underpants has no place in an institution of learning.

Three 17-year-old girls were told to leave Long Beach High School on Wednesday after they showed up on Superhero Day costumed as the subject of the best-selling children’s books. [..]

The girls depicted this superhero — who has battled, among other things, talking toilets and the infamous Professor Poopypants — by wearing beige leotards and nude stockings under white briefs and red capes.

“Yes, I know they weren’t naked,” Restivo said. “But the appearance was that they were naked.”‘

Swimmer Trapped By Beach Balls

Dont Question Authority

A letter sent home by a crazy sounding teacher.


Extra anus kills four-legged chick

`The Te Uku-bred Barnevelder chick – hatched at Marlene Dickey’s property at the start of last month – has died.

But it wasn’t the extra legs that led to its death, more likely an extra anus, Mrs Dickey believes.

“He developed two bottoms and I think he got glugged up,” she said.’


Stop mailing fake grenades, Canadians told

`Tired of having its offices evacuated due to false alarms, Canada’s postal system said on Monday it will no longer transport replica and inert military explosives.

Canada Post said that fake and inoperative grenades and artillery shells have caused “numerous” evacuations of post offices in recent years, which have disrupted the flow of mail and scared employees.

“Continued exposure to these replica or inert munitions poses a real danger and desensitizes Canada Post and Canada Border Services Agency employees to instances where there may be a genuine explosive device,” it said in a statement.’

Trying To Outrun Roadblock

‘Here is a good way to mess up your car. Im not sure where this is from but these cars try to outrun a road block as it lowers for paying vehicles.’

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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Horror on the street as woman tries to commit suicide in public

`These disturbing images from China show a distressed woman attempting suicide on the street.

The woman tried to slash her wrists with a razor sharp blade, before slashing her throat.

But before her wounds could prove fatal, she was seized by emergency services who dressed her cuts and rushed her to hospital. The woman is from Kunming in China.’