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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Police shoot Unarmed man 81 times

`Los Angeles sheriffs gun down Deandre Brunston in Compton, He was unarmed. The object in his hand was a flipflop he found on the porch. The dog was airlifted while Deandre was left to die on the ground.’

They don’t even bother to check his pulse or even go anywhere near him after they shoot him. Got the dog out of there okay though.

There Is A Lot of What Going On?

This woman has a few comments about pea salad and how much she likes it.

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Dicing With Death

`Youngsters in Chirk appear to have a self-destructive urge, as they take part in a reckless new game known as ‘Death Chicken’.

During the dark nights a number of children are playing ‘dead’ in the middle of busy roads and challenging one another to remain still for as long as possible when a car approaches them.

CCTV footage of this irresponsible game was taken late at night by John Collins from Bronywaun, who told the Advertizer how a group of approximately eight children took part and filmed each other on their mobile phones.’


Students expelled over movie in which teddy bears attack teacher

`Two students are suing to return to school after they were expelled for making a movie in which evil teddy bears attack a teacher.

The teenagers were among four students expelled from Knightstown High School over the movie, titled “The Teddy Bear Master.” Two of the boys are asking a federal judge in Indianapolis to order the students reinstated, arguing that school officials overreacted to a film parody and violated their First Amendment rights. [..]

The boys, who are sophomores, worked on the teddy bear movie from fall 2005 through summer 2006. In the movie, the “teddy bear master” orders stuffed animals to kill a teacher who had embarrassed him, but students battle the toy beasts, according to documents filed in court.’

Woman found naked with horse: police

`A NSW north coast woman has been charged with bestiality and offensive conduct after allegedly being involved in an indecent act with a horse.

Police said they found the naked woman with the horse when they were called to a paddock in Wilson Street, Lismore at 9am (AEDT) on Monday.

“Police will allege a 35-year-old Casino woman was engaged in an indecent act with a horse,” a NSW police spokesman said.

“The woman was arrested and charged with bestiality and behaving in an offensive manner.”’


Wii Have A Problem…

So, that new Nintendo Wii apparently comes with some wireless controlling device. Already many people have managed to throw their Wii controller through their television screen or house windows. And here’s some pictures of damage done. ๐Ÿ™‚

e.g. `We were playing Wii and drinking at a friend’s house whose parents were out of town. My friend wanted to play. She is a shitty drunk. Only after one drink. Swung the controller in home run derby… lost grip. Strap broke. TV cracked. Remote still works…. I’m impressed.’

Funny Inventions

The Daily Show made this little clip of some funny inventions over the past 10 years or so. The Gaydar guy seems a bit, well, gay. ๐Ÿ™‚

(11.6meg Flash video)

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Nude pictures on stolen phone prompt call from thief

`Consider the Carrick woman whose cell phone was stolen Saturday from her car by an unknown man who reached into her front seat through an open window.

That evening the man called her other cell phone with the stolen phone and asked her if “the pictures on the phone were of her,” according to a report.

Seems the stolen phone featured naked pictures of a woman. The Carrick victim said the pictures were of her girlfriend and, when the caller asked, told him she was a lesbian.

The next day, she accessed her phone account on the Internet and downloaded a recent photo the man had taken with the stolen cell phone. That picture? A penis.

Detectives were investigating.’


Leonard Nimoy sings Bilbo Baggins

[sings] Bilbo.. Bilbo Baggins.. Only three feet tall.. Bilbo.. Bilbo Baggins.. Bravest little hobbit of them all..


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Balls Of Steel: Rodeo

‘Find a big stranger, jump on their backs like a rodeo and hang on for as long as possible.’

I’ve seen a bunch of clips from this Balls Of Steel show floating around lately. They’re all very funny. If anyone finds anymore, let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Pigs eat boy alive

`A three-year-old boy was eaten alive by a herd of pigs in a village on the outskirts of New Delhi after family members did not notice him wander outside his home, an Indian newspaper reported today.

Ajay, 3, was clutching a piece of bread when he was attacked by the pigs, the Hindustan Times said.

“We were all having lunch inside the house and did not realise that Ajay had walked out,” Lal Bahadur, Ajay’s uncle, was quoted as saying.

“A few minutes later, his mother noticed a few pigs chewing something.”‘


Police say mother microwaved her baby

`The investigation into the death of a baby who authorities believe was heated in a microwave oven was difficult because of a lack of research on the effect of microwaves on people, a coroner’s official said.

China Arnold, 26, was jailed Monday on a charge of aggravated murder, more than a year after she brought her dead month-old baby to a hospital on Aug. 30, 2005, police said.

“We have reason to believe, and we have some forensic evidence that is consistent with our belief, that a microwave oven was used in this death,” said Ken Betz, director of the Montgomery County coroner’s office.’

Borat ‘sparked Pammy-Kid Rock split’

`Pamela Anderson dumped husband Kid Rock after he flew into a rage over Borat, according to reports.

The busty ex-Baywatch star filed for divorce from the rock star just three months after they tied the knot in St Tropez.

And it appears Sacha Baron Cohen’s bungling Kazakh journalist’s advances may have been the last straw.

In the hit movie Borat turns his trip to the US into a quest to marry Pamela. Rock, real name Bob Richie, allegedly flew into a rage when he saw Borat’s advances during a screening of the film.’

Saudi Road Skating

‘A couple of Saudi Arabian guys in sandals skate down the highway while holding on to a speeding car.’

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Judge rules paper money unfair to blind

`A federal judge has ruled that the U.S. Treasury Department is violating the law by failing to design and issue currency that is readily distinguishable to blind and visually impaired people.

Judge James Robertson, in a ruling on a suit by the American Council of the Blind, ordered the Treasury to devise a method to tell bills apart.

The judge wrote that the current configuration of paper money violates the Rehabilitation Act’s guarantee of “meaningful access.”

“It can no longer be successfully argued that a blind person has ‘meaningful access’ to currency if she cannot accurately identify paper money without assistance,” Robertson wrote in his ruling.’


Britney Spears really hates Underwear!

`Apparently Britney does really hate underwear. Either that, or Paris is still teaching her how to gain publicity(and tons of respect) by flashing the whole world her cooter – complete with cesarean scar!’

Britneys CooterBritneys CooterBritneys CooterBritneys CooterBritneys Cooter

KKKramer Rap Remix

Someone has taken Michael Richard’s racist outburst and turned it into a rap song. It’s pretty good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Bunk Bed Wedgie

This is stupid, but funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

(985kB Windows media)

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Monday, November 27, 2006


Personal Hygiene Debate Sparks Bar Brawl

`Fort Worth investigators say a fight broke out near the Tumbleweeds Sports Bar on Thursday after a customer thought another had failed to wash his hands after using the bathroom.

Witnesses say the customer confronted the man and two of his friends, calling them names and telling them they were dirty. Witnesses say the man threatened to “slash their throats.”

Police say the man then hid in a shrub outside of the bar and charged the group as they left.

Authorities say one man is hospitalized with stab wounds.’


Avoid the loony Zune

`Yes, Microsoft’s new Zune digital music player is just plain dreadful. I’ve spent a week setting this thing up and using it, and the overall experience is about as pleasant as having an airbag deploy in your face.

“Avoid,” is my general message. The Zune is a square wheel, a product that’s so absurd and so obviously immune to success that it evokes something akin to a sense of pity.

The setup process stands among the very worst experiences I’ve ever had with digital music players. The installer app failed, and an hour into the ordeal, I found myself asking my office goldfish, “Has it really come to this? Am I really about to manually create and install a .dll file?”

But there it was, right on the Zune’s tech support page. Is this really what parents want to be doing at 4 a.m. on Christmas morning?’


Wolf T Shirt Long Sleeve Mens-Large

`Don Juan says…
You would not believe the pussy I pull in this thing.

Ol Tripod says…
This shirt is excellent for pulling in husky Native American bitches with diabetes. [..]

Tomash says…
My power has increased 100 fold with the addition of this shirt to my already vast aresenal of wolf shirts.’


Sunday, November 26, 2006



‘The bikini bandits? Denmark has redeemed itself!!’

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For children and the physically challenged only.


Sex Pit

Help me Jesus.

Sex Pit

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Real Rubber Doll 3

This is a bit strange.

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Urban Sprinting

‘All you need is your own security tag, you set off the security alarm and then you try to get away from the security guard. [..]

You ain’t nicked nothing, but they’ll still chase ya, so leg it.’

There’s something hilarious about a man running around a shopping center being chased by a security guard whilst yelling “C’mon fatty!”.

(13.2meg Flash video)

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Mid-flight sexual play lands US couple afoul of anti-terrorism law

`A couple’s ill-concealed sexual play aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles got them charged with violating the Patriot Act, intended for terrorist acts, and could land them in jail for 20 years.

According to their indictment, Carl Persing and Dawn Sewell were allegedly snuggling and kissing inappropriately, “making other passengers uncomfortable,” when a flight attendant asked them to stop. [..]

They have been placed under legal surveillance until their trial on February 5. If found guilty, they both could be sent to jail for up to 20 years.’


Sex with dead deer not illegal, lawyer argues

`Bryan James Hathaway, 20, of Superior, was arrested on “a misdemeanour charge of sexual gratification with an animal” after indulging in intercourse with said deceased deer on 11 October.

His attorney, public defender Fredric Anderson, last week filed a motion with a Douglas County court which argued “because the deer was dead, it was not considered an animal and the charge should be dismissed”. He wrote: “The statute does not prohibit one from having sex with a carcass.” [..]

Judge Lucci summed the matter up concisely with: “I’m a little surprised this issue hasn’t been tackled before in another case.” He then promised to render a decision before Hathaway’s next court appearance on 1 December.’

Kidnapper shoots self in testicle

`A botched kidnapping ended with one of the assailants shooting himself in the groin, Wichita police said.

The man had just stuck the gun back into his waistband when it fired, shooting him in the left testicle. He cringed, causing the gun to fire again and strike him in the left calf.

When the shooting ended, the 23-year-old man managed to walk himself into the hospital for treatment, police said. He and his two accomplices, ages 18 and 20, were arrested for aggravated attempted kidnapping and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The men were attempting to kidnap a teen in a dispute over stereo speakers, police said.’


Thai zoo to teach panda to mate with “porn” videos

`A Thai zoo, which has hosted a couple of pandas for four years, will play “porn” videos for the male next month to encourage them to breed in captivity, the project manager said on Saturday.

The pair — living chastely together at the zoo in the northern city of Chiang Mai since arriving from China in 2003 — would be separated in December, but stay close enough for occasional glimpses of each other, said panda project chief Prasertsak Buntrakoonpoontawee.

“They don’t know how to mate so we need to show the male how, through videos,” Prasertsak told Reuters.

He said Chuang Chuang, the six-year-old male, would be shown the videos on a large screen when he might be feeling amorous.’