Saturday, November 25, 2006


‘Real Borat’ seeks apology

`Turkey’s Internet celebrity Mahir Cagri is so convinced he was the inspiration for the Kazakh journalist character Borat Sagdiyev that he plans to travel to London seeking ways he can benefit from the movie that has surprised Hollywood with a No. 1 debut.

Cagri, 44, became a cyber celebrity after he posted a personal Web site in 1999, which featured unintentionally amusing photos of himself playing pingpong or the accordion and sunbathing in a skimpy bathing suit.

Word of the site spread quickly and the Web site received more than a million hits from fans poking fun at, or endeared by his broken English and as well as a hilarious invitation to women: “Who is want to come TURKEY I can invitate … She can stay my home.”‘

followup to: WELCOME TO MY HOME PAGE !!!!!!!!! I KISS YOU !!!!!

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