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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Student’s Death May Be Result Of Hide & Seek

`Nearly six months after authorities discovered the body of a missing New Jersey college student in a Pennsylvania landfill, investigators are now looking at whether his death was the tragic result of a game of hide-and-seek.

In a mass e-mail sent to students at The College of New Jersey on Wednesday, school officials asked if they knew of any students playing hide-and-seek in Wolfe Hall around the time John Fiocco Jr. went missing in March. Investigators also asked about Fiocco specifically.

“Do you have any knowledge of John Fiocco Jr. engaging in any such game on the ground floor of Wolfe Hall, within the compactor room or any nearby area, at any time?” the e-mail asks.

The circumstances over John Fiocco Jr.’s death remain cloudy.’

The 13 Most Embarrassing Web Moments

`We’re probably all guilty of the occasional Web slip-up. Instead of IM-ing your coworker to complain about your wife, you get mixed up and IM your wife herself. Or instead of forwarding that note from the boss–along with a snarky comment–to your friend, you hit reply. Or for a quick hit of mortification, just take a look at your MySpace page.

Those little missteps, alas, are trifles compared with the most embarrassing incidents on the Web.’

‘Real Borat’ seeks apology

`Turkey’s Internet celebrity Mahir Cagri is so convinced he was the inspiration for the Kazakh journalist character Borat Sagdiyev that he plans to travel to London seeking ways he can benefit from the movie that has surprised Hollywood with a No. 1 debut.

Cagri, 44, became a cyber celebrity after he posted a personal Web site in 1999, which featured unintentionally amusing photos of himself playing pingpong or the accordion and sunbathing in a skimpy bathing suit.

Word of the site spread quickly and the Web site received more than a million hits from fans poking fun at, or endeared by his broken English and as well as a hilarious invitation to women: “Who is want to come TURKEY I can invitate … She can stay my home.”‘

followup to: WELCOME TO MY HOME PAGE !!!!!!!!! I KISS YOU !!!!!

OJ Simpson book, TV special cancelled

`The book, which was to have been published on November 30 by the News Corp-owned HarperCollins imprint ReganBooks, was touted as featuring Simpson discussing how he would have carried out the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, if he were the one responsible.

The book, titled If I Did It, was to have been preceded by a two-part Fox television interview of Simpson conducted by the publisher, Judith Regan. Fox, like HarperCollins, is a unit of News Corp.’


Idaho town issues call to arms

`After seeing the chaos of Hurricane Katrina, a city councilor in this tiny Idaho town founded by pacifist Quakers came up with a novel idea.

Ordinance 208, passed by the City Council on Tuesday, asks Greenleaf’s 862 residents who do not object on religious or other grounds to keep a gun at home in case they are overrun by refugees from the Gulf Coast.

“This is not an ‘it’ll never happen here’ kind of thing,” said Steven Jett, the ordinance’s sponsor. “We could get refugees.”‘

Forty Firefighters To Save A Sheep

`Fire chiefs are reportedly blaming health and safety regulations for the decision to send 40 firefighters to rescue a single sheep.

The emergency services received a 999 call when the animal got trapped on a ledge above a flooded quarry in Bacup, Lancashire.

The sheep’s owner was amazed when seven fire crews were sent to his aid.

They performed a delicate, two-hour operation involving a team using wetsuits and an inflatable boat.’

10 Weird Science facts you didn’t know

`Cosmic Latte is the color of the universe, according to a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University. In 2001, Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry determined that the color of the universe was a greenish white, but they soon corrected their analysis in “The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: constraints on cosmic star-formation history from the cosmic spectrum”, published in 2002. In this paper, they reported that their survey of the color of all light in the universe added up to a slightly beige white. The survey included more than 200,000 galaxies, and measured the spectral range of the light from a large volume of the universe. The hexadecimal RGB value for Cosmic Latte is #FFF8E7. ‘


Man calls police when DEA agents take his pot

`The Drug Enforcement Administration agents were near the Philip Burton Federal Building at 1:15 p.m. when a man passed them on the 400 block of Turk Street carrying a cardboard box. The box, emblazoned with the logo of a common brand of hydroponics equipment, reeked of marijuana. [..]

The narcotics agents stopped the man and asked what was in the box. He showed them about 1.5 pounds of marijuana, 12 ounces of hashish and an electronic scale.

Then, in a move that apparently stunned the 20-year-old Eureka resident, the agents took his pot away. While his crime was too minor to prosecute under federal law, the federal government does consider marijuana to be contraband, McEnry said. [..]

Realizing the DEA did not intend to return his stash, the man then called 911 on his cell phone to report the incident to San Francisco police.’


Constable zaps himself and innocent teen with Taser

`A constable who took a Taser to a central Auckland domestic dispute wound up shocking himself and a 16-year-old and later pepper-spraying an innocent 21-year-old woman.

The constable accidentally blasted himself with the Taser’s 50,000 volts as he reloaded the weapon while trying to stun a man at the centre of the domestic incident on October 1. One shot accidentally struck the man’s teenage son.

After five attempts to hit the man, the officer eventually used pepper spray. This hit the man’s 21-year-old daughter, also an unintended target.

The man eventually gave himself up. The constable, who had had Taser training, was not injured.’


Thats Not A Knife

‘Some dude tries to rob a store with a pretty big knife only to be trumped by the clerks friggin machete.’

see it here »


Radioactive killer was discovered by doctors only hours before death

‘By the time doctors finally discovered what had poisoned Alexander Litvinenko, he had only three hours to live.

As he lay unconscious, his wife Marina holding his hand and his ten-year-old son, Anatoli, stroking his forehead, a laboratory test on a urine sample identified the lethal element polonium-210 as the silent killer ravaging his body. [..]

The revelations about polonium-210 provoked a new rush of conspiracy theories. Security experts said this was no crude grudge killing but was the work of assassins with likely access to a nuclear installation, not just to a radioactive isotope that could be acquired from medical waste.’

I used to work a bit with polonium-210. Never did me any harm. But I s’pose I was playing with only nanograms at a time and definitely not eating it. 🙂


Toddler Killed By 11-Yr-Old Brother Driving A Lorry

`A girl of two was crushed to death by her father’s lorry driven by her 11-year-old brother, a court heard yesterday.

Crystal Collier’s father Gary, 37, watched in horror as the adored youngster he called “my princess” was repeatedly hit by the wheels of the skip truck.

He will be sentenced today after earlier admitting manslaughter through gross negligence, and faces jail.’


Smoking Vagina

It’s been a while since I’ve had any good NSFW stuff. Here you go. 🙂

Dangling from a 25,000 volt cable, is this the luckiest (or most stupid) man in Britain?

`Bare-chested and fuelled by drunken bravado, he dangles from a 25,000 volt power cable.

If he had tried his foolish stunt at any other time, Shane White would have been fried.

Fortunately for him, however, he had unwittingly picked a seven minute period when the power was turned off – the first in 15 months. [..]

“It was completely and utterly idiotic. I know Im a fool for doing it.”

White, unemployed, said he was so drunk on cider and beer that he had no memory of his actions until he saw the picture in a newspaper.’

Submarine with cocaine seized off Costa Rica

`U.S. Coast Guards have seized a submarine carrying 3.5 tons of cocaine in the Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica and arrested three Colombians on board, the Costa Rican Coast Guard said on Sunday.

The submarine appeared to be a makeshift vessel unlike military submarines or those used by oceanographers. It could only submerge 6 feet under water, Costa Rican Coast Guard spokesman Jose Antonio Fallas told Reuters.

The 45-foot-long vessel was found last Wednesday near the remote Coco Island, southwest of the Central American mainland, and had traveled hundreds of miles from Colombia on its way to the United States.’

Arrested for Epilepsy

`A seizure took over Beloungea’s body while walking through his suburban Detroit neighborhood last April. When an onlooker in a neighbor’s house saw Beloungea having the seizure, which includes rapid repetitive arm motion, she misinterpreted it as criminal conduct. Specifically, she thought Beloungea was masturbating in public.

With that misconception in mind, she called the Oakland Police Department. When police arrived on the scene, Beloungea was still undergoing his seizure, acting disoriented and not responding to questions.

When officers couldn’t get through to Beloungea they drew their weapons, shocked him with a high-voltage taser, hit him with a baton and wrestled him to the ground. They then handcuffed him and put him in a police car.’


Midget Fight On Springer

‘On a recent Springer episode the topic was Midget Fights and Todd dates a Tranny. The midget fight portion featured one of the funniest Springer brawls ever.’

see it here »

Penile Plot Prompts Prison Punishment

`A man who mailed a bomb to a doctor because he was angry about how his penis enlargement surgery turned out was sentenced Tuesday to four years and 10 months in prison.

Blake Steidler, 25, of Reamstown, put the bomb in the mail on Feb. 11, 2005, in North Bloomfield, Ohio, addressed to the doctor in Chicago. After returning home, he called 911 and told police what he had done. The bomb was retrieved from the mail and destroyed; no one was injured.

Steidler pleaded guilty in April to use of a weapon of mass destruction and other charges. Defense lawyer Luis A. Ortiz said at the time of the plea that his client was mentally ill.’

Seriously tho.. Weapons of mass destruction?

Give addicts heroin, says officer

`Heroin should be prescribed to drug addicts to curb crime, the deputy chief constable of Nottinghamshire has said at a drugs conference.

Howard Roberts told an Association of Chief Police Officers’ conference in Manchester the idea should be assessed.

He said the treatment would cost 12,000 a year per addict but added that drug users steal property valued at an average of 45,000 a year.’


Ladder Jump Over Car

‘This guy is incredibly stupid and incredibly lucky. He decides it would be cool to jump off a ladder over a moving car. This could have ended so much worse.’

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People Playing Video Games

This fellow wanted to take pictures of people that would ‘reveal a hidden part of their character’. So, he took pictures of them while they were playing video games.

No doubt I had looks like these on my face at various times with all the Neverwinter Nights I’ve been playing lately. 🙂


Woman, 92, dies in shootout with police

`Many people on the rundown northwest Atlanta street where Kathryn Johnston lived fortify their windows with metal bars and arm themselves for protection. Johnston, 92, was no exception. She was waiting with her gun on Tuesday night when a group of plainclothes officers with a warrant knocked down her door in a search for drugs, police said. She opened fire, wounding three officers, before being shot to death, police said.

Assistant Police Chief Alan Dreher called the killing “tragic and unfortunate” but said the officers were justified in returning fire.’


Drunk Fails Sobriety Test

‘This is hilarious. This dude fails the sobriety test before it even begins. The cop asks him to hold a tape and place it on the ground and he [..]’

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Student tapes teacher proselytizing in class

`Junior Matthew LaClair, 16, said history teacher David Paszkiewicz, who is also a Baptist preacher in town, spent the first week of class lecturing students more about heaven and hell than the colonies and the Constitution.

LaClair said Paszkiewicz told students that if they didn’t accept Jesus, “you belong in hell.” He also dismissed as unscientific the theories of evolution and the “Big Bang.” [..]

On Oct. 10 — a month after he first requested a meeting with the principal — LaClair met with Paszkiewicz, Somma and the head of the social studies department.

At first, Paszkiewicz denied he mixed in religion with his history lesson, and the adults in the room appeared to be buying it, LaClair said. But then he reached into his backpack and produced the CDs.’


Kramer’s New, Racist Material Not Exactly A Hit At The Laugh Factory

‘During his Laugh Factory set on Friday night, Michael Richards finally tried out fresh material intended to achieve some separation between his beloved, bumbling Kramer persona and the working comedian desperate to forge a post-Seinfeld identity. Upon some reportedly light heckling from a pair of African-American audience members, Richards unveiled a new catchphrase, “Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass” [..]’

Also, there’s his apology video on Letterman.

(6.5 and 17.8meg Flash videos )

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Overheard at College

`Prof: If we were in Germany, and it were 25 years ago, and I were your teacher, this piece of chalk would have ended up somewhere much closer to you.
Guy: Then Im glad were not in Germany.
Prof: And I am very unhappy I cannot throw chalk at you.’

`Prof: I like knives. Black people are good with knives. They get up close and go, Wassup!, and then you dead. That is why black people conquered the West. Wassup!’

`Prof: This is not a trick question: What is the internet?
Dude: A series of tubes?’

`Lab Tech: Ugh, everything I touch is sulfuric acid! I hate this lab.’

Balls Of Steel: The Annoying Devil

‘A compilation of The Annoying Devil’s funniest moments from the British TV show Balls of Steel. They can only get away with this stuff in England cause in the US this guy would get shot. Still this guy does some really funny pranks.’

(21.2meg Flash video)

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Friday, November 17, 2006



Sorry about the lack of updates everyone. I’ve been very bored lately, and I’ve recently been playing Neverwinter Nights again to pass the time. It’s been so long since I’ve played it that I’ve forgotten what happens so it’s fun again.

Anyway, I’ve been spending all day playing that lately. It’s a nice mental exercise in a way aswell, something I don’t get much of these days and surely could use some more of.

I’ll post some more updates in the near future. In the mean time, maybe have a look at some random posts from the past or some other websites. But don’t forget to check back here. 🙂

Oh, on an unrelated note, I found out the other day that the mortality rate for an intraparenchymal haemorrhage is around 40-50%. Interesting trivia.


Sunday, November 12, 2006


Embarrassing Hot Tub Accident

‘I dont like Hot Tubs in general because I feel like I’m sitting in a cauldron of bacteria and disease. After seeing this I’ll probably never get in one again.’

(900kB Windows media)

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Friday, November 10, 2006


Paintball Target Practice

This guy doesn’t think his friend is any good at aiming a paintball gun, so he holds a clay pigeon above his head to see if his friend can hit it.

I think his aim is actually pretty good. 🙂

(5.2meg Windows media)

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