Monday, December 4, 2006


Free Jung Personality Test

So, I did this test to kill some time. Apparently I’m introverted, intuitive, thinking and perceiving. INTP, for short. Detailed description [with the bits that make me chuckle in bold :)]:

`loner, more interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships or family, wrestles with the meaninglessness of existence, likes esoteric things, disorganized, messy, likes science fiction, can be lonely, observer, private, can’t describe feelings easily, detached, likes solitude, not revealing, unemotional, rule breaker, avoidant, familiar with the darkside, skeptical, acts without consulting others, does not think they are weird but others do, socially uncomfortable, abrupt, fantasy prone, does not like happy people, appreciates strangeness, frequently loses things, acts without planning, guarded, not punctual, more likely to support marijuana legalization, not prone to compromise, hard to persuade, relies on mind more than on others, calm

So, you cunts better not be happy around me. I’ll calmly kick you in the nuts or something if you are. 🙂

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