Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Father gave daughters Speed drug

`A father who gave his two daughters amphetamines to teach them about the dangers of drugs has been sentenced.

Colin Moyse, 50, of Gorleston, Norfolk, admitted to giving Class B amphetamines – known as Speed – to his daughters between December 2005 and January 2006.

He was given a conditional discharge of two years.

Norwich Crown Court heard that Moyse wanted his daughters, aged 13 and 12, to know what the drug tasted like in case somebody spiked their drinks.

Moyse, said to be “anti-drugs”, put some amphetamine on his fingertips and told the girls to taste it.’

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  1. unhappy associate Says:

    The facts, he held his daughters arms behind her back n forced her to take speed. He told police he would do it again, and he hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s scum. He’s got 2 ASBOs against him and another 2 year suspended sentence for making his neighbours lives hell. His 21 year old step daughter is now his girlfriend. He’s banned from driving for 4 years, he got caught driving whilst disqualified twice and is still driving. And has refused a drug test, does this sound like someone who is anti-drugs!!

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