Thursday, January 4, 2007


Trailer Park by the Sea, With Million-Dollar Plots

`A trailer park just south of Palm Beach, Fla., sits on 43 of the best oceanfront acres in the state. The owners of the 488 trailers are selling, and each household is likely to receive more than $1 million. [..]

With residents whose median age is just over 70, the place has plenty of history, from a shuffleboard court and a Quonset hut to 600 feet of pristine white-sand Florida beach. [..]

But recently, a developer sent an uninvited bid to Briny Breezes residents, proposing to buy the entire town for $500 million. That’s more than a million dollars for each of the 488 mobile homes — residents at Briny Breezes are also shareholders.

Rather than accept the proposal, the town sent it back — and opened the bidding to other potential developers.’

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