Saturday, January 6, 2007


Minister offered school students pot

`Sacked former New South Wales Aboriginal affairs minister Milton Orkopoulos allegedly invited two high school captains to smoke cannabis with him in his office at state parliament.

Tim Carter, an electrician’s apprentice from Mr Orkopoulos’s then electorate of Swansea, said he was attending a meeting of school captains from across NSW in 2005 when the minister approached him and a female student.

“He took us away pretty much and said: ‘Do you want a joint?’. He said: ‘Do you really want to be at this meeting? You can come up to my office and get room service,” Mr Carter said yesterday.

Mr Orkopoulos then led the two students to his office and rolled a joint, which the minister and Mr Carter smoked. The three then ordered hot chocolate from the Parliament House room service, before Mr Orkopoulos left the students watching television and returned to work.’

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