Thursday, January 11, 2007


Maurice Strong: Another Hidden Ruler

`Unfortunately, calling me alarmist or paranoid doesn’t address what I’m saying, it does nothing but calm your fears. The existence of a “global elite” is perfectly real, although the reader is of course welcome to deny it. And a great many of the men — and it’s all men, folks — who make up this global elite are on record, again and again, in no uncertain terms, stating that they would like to remove a large portion of the humans currently living on Earth.

To make matters worse, the technology to do this exists — in fact, there is an over-abundance of methods for mass murder at this point in human history. So here we have a very dangerous and disturbing nexus, a point where several threads overlap and intertwine. We have a small group of very powerful humans who have expressed the desire for “population reduction” and have the means to accomplish that goal within their possession.’

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