Sunday, January 21, 2007


Ukrainian Couple Kill And Eat Neighbor

‘A Ukrainian couple have killed and eaten their neighbor who popped in for a drink, the Gazeta-po-Ukrainsky (Newspaper in Ukrainian) reports.

The accident took place in the town of Makeyevka. A 36-year old resident of the city and his 34-year-old girlfriend invited their 48-year old neighbor for a drink. After the party that lasted several hours the two men entered started argument that developed into a fight. Eventually, the couple killed their neighbor with a knife and a hammer.

At first, the killers wanted to get rid of the body, but the woman persuaded her partner to eat the meat, so they cut off the tender parts of the body and put them in the fridge. Then, they carried what was left of the cadaver out of their home and dumped it in a sewage well.’

It seems that Ukrainian newspapers have no qualms about publishing full colour pictures of mutilated/partially consumed corpses. And, neither do I. 🙂

dead body

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