Monday, January 22, 2007


The World’s Most Dangerous Bookstore

`Ambling our way from one pile to the next (and totally dependent on the other for further movement), Rod pointed out a Taco Mayo cup with the straw still inserted jammed between a spy thriller called SOVIET HOUSE and a sci-fi sex-’em-up titled VERONIQUE alongside an empty Prince Albert pasta package. Bill soon had stumbled into the only space he left empty – we suppose one might generously grace it with the euphemism “office space” – and sat down on a chair beside one of those refrigerator doors inscribed with the word “MEATS.”

“I’ve got about 200,000 books in here,” he said. “There’s another 160 pounds of books in my van out there. Y’know that tan van outside? It’s full of books. Books I don’t have room for in here!” Bill laughed..’

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