Saturday, January 27, 2007


Nude jogger ‘not a pretty sight’

‘One of the strangest wildlife sightings in the Cupertino-Saratoga foothills has yet to be identified: a naked jogger, wearing only shoes, glasses and a black tam hat.

He’s cordial and polite, not threatening. He doesn’t do anything obscene. He avoids confrontations. A white middle-aged man with a paunch, he isn’t much to look at. [..]

“He passed me and said ‘Good evening,'” said equestrian Sue Bowdoin, while riding her horse Randy last summer on the Wedding Tree Trail in the south end of the park. “I thought: Ugh!” [..]

Park rangers have never seen him and his identity is still unknown, although efforts are under way to identify and apprehend him, said Gordon Baillie, a management analyst with the district.’

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