Saturday, February 17, 2007


Homeless woman burned to death

‘Two women are accused of soaking a homeless, drug-addicted prostitute with gasoline and burning her to death after she reported that one of them had robbed her.

Leslie “Jill” May, 49, was abducted from the street and killed at Candlestick Park the day she told the police that Mia Sagote, 30, robbed and beat her over a debt May’s boyfriend owed, authorities said.

Sagote and Leslie Siliga, 29, have pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and kidnapping.’

One Response to “Homeless woman burned to death”

  1. Nicolya Dorton Says:

    I feel that Mia Sagote had nothing to do with that homeless lady dying. I know mia personally and she is not the type of person that would do something like that. I love her to death and I know that Mia Sagote did not have nothing to do with this, murder. I have been knowing her for 7 years and she is the most kindhearted,loving friend, daughter, auntie you could every know. I feel that she is wrongfully accused of this and i pray for her everyday and i hope she comes home soon. Hopefully you can see that she is not a killer but someone that is speacial to me and to her family and we want her to come home.

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