Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Customs raid on action man Stallone

‘Customs officials raided Sylvester Stallone’s harbourside room at Sydney’s Park Hyatt Hotel yesterday, as members of his party were seen throwing objects out of the window.

The Hollywood actor had already denied bringing steroids into the country when he was questioned on arrival at Sydney Airport last Friday.

A customs spokesman said last night he could not confirm the nature of the latest developments, but the Herald understands customs officers visited the 60-year-old about 3pm, when they issued him with a summons relating to prohibited substances. The summons would normally require him or his lawyer to appear in court.

Here to promote his new film, Rocky Balboa, Stallone flew out of the country last night with the blessing of customs, but not before its officers searched his private jet.’

Followup to Stallone detained in Customs ‘misunderstanding’.

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