Thursday, February 22, 2007


The Hiccup Girl

‘The NBC Today show aired this clip on Friday of a girl who has had the hiccups for over 3 weeks.’

(9.3meg Windows media)

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  1. Anastasio Rossui Says:

    Dear Matt and Meredith

    This email is in reference to Jennifer Mee’s hiccupping disorder, which has continued for several weeks unabated.

    I can recall a similar situation which occurred several years ago. With all treatment failing, a 17 year old girl’s sneezing spree was finally controlled with the application of a treatment straight out of Russian scientist Pavlov’s and B F Skinner’s experiments on conditioned reflex and behavioral response.

    In this situation, the girl was unable to stop sneezing for 5 months. It became a life-threatening situation where she was unable to eat and drink, and began to lose weight. Despite efforts of many doctors applying different medicines and treatments, nothing worked, including old wives’ tales like using a paper bag, being upside down, holding breath, etc..

    The single treatment that finally ended the months long sneezing ordeal involved the use of electricity. A device was attached to the girl which generated an electricity shock each time she sneezed. Within 3 or 4 hours, the sneezes gradually slowed down from one every 25 seconds. As the treatment proceeded, the sneezes grew farther apart, until they stopped completely.

    This treatment could possibly work to stop Jennifer Mee’s sneezing. Psychologist Malcolm Kushner of Coral Gables VA Hospital in Florida successfully treated a similar condition. Details are available at this website:,9171,899243,00.html .

    I hope this information can be of help in Jennifer’ case.

    Anastasio Rossi
    Katonah, New York
    912 232-2746

  2. Anastasio Rossi Says:

    Sorry about the name typo – Rossi is correct

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