Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Teen thought throwing water on 90-year-old would be ‘hilarious’

‘A Cloquet teenager who told police he found it funny to throw ice water on a nursing home resident was charged with stalking, and a prosecutor wants him to stand trial as an adult. [..]

According to a criminal complaint, the Cloquet teenager told police he found it so funny when he dumped a pitcher of ice water on a 90-year-old nursing home resident in June that he returned and did it twice more, in December and again last month.

“Me and (another teenager) were like, this is gonna be hilarious, ’cause this lady was talking to herself and she was yelling and stuff so we threw it on her,” the 16-year-old boy told police, describing the first incident.

“She started screaming and freaking out so we thought this was hilariously funny, and we were all talking about it in school and everyone was laughing about it,” he said, according to the complaint.’

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