Monday, March 19, 2007


International Ginger Kids Foundation

‘The International Ginger Kids Foundation, or IGKF ,is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002. The goal of the IGKF is to achieve equality, understanding, tolerance, and acceptance for Ginger Kids all over the world. Gingervitis is a serious disease affecting millions of people. Every day 1337 children are born with gingervitis in the United States alone. Not only do these special people have to struggle with a life long disease in which there is no known cure, they are often the target of ridicule and jokes. The only way we will ever find a cure is if we work together.’

10 Responses to “International Ginger Kids Foundation”

  1. jonathan green Says:

    ginger kids a souless peices of shit and they are foul creatures from the deep depths of hell

  2. Rai Rai Says:

    Jonathan, you are a p***k

    What a horrible thing to say, keep your opinions to yourself…moron

  3. shannon Says:

    ginger kids should have been boiled at birth ewww ugly little buggers… who have smelly breath!!!

  4. rai rai smells Says:

    listen rai rai u want to keep your teeth grrrr

  5. Rai Rai Says:

    shoosh shannon!

  6. rai rai smells Says:

    omg ginger with smelly hairy faces!!!

  7. ginger! Says:

    is it true that ginger people smell of wee>? and have bad breath?

  8. giner!!!89 Says:

    im a redhead and i have a soul, thats like going and saying black people dont have souls morons.

  9. ginger!!!89 Says:

    redheads are like other women — only more so

  10. Chef Fire Crach Says:

    I’m a fellow redhead and I and I have leaned to embrace my ginger ness. But we alsso need to educate people about gingers,we need to educate thin that we really do have souls and that we will be extenct ib 50 years we need to fet the awreness out!!!!!!!!!1

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