Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Pratt paints over government art

‘The mural destroyed by ACT Liberal MP Steve Pratt was paid for under a government program to promote legal street art and was effective in discouraging vandalism.

The artwork was funded under an urban planning scheme and commissioned by a local sporting group, said Chris Kon of the Department of Territory and Municipal Services.

Legal artworks like the one Mr Pratt painted over as part of a publicity stunt to promote his anti-vandalism policies were “very successful” at discouraging illegal graffiti, said Mr Kon. [..]

“It’ll cost some money for (the artist) to re-do it again.” [..]

State Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said the matter would be referred to the police for investigation.’

2 Responses to “Pratt paints over government art”

  1. Tim.Keighley Says:

    Hooray! Disc golf is in the news. Oh, and the graffiti stuff. But I was mainly interested in the disc golf aspect.

  2. moonbuggy Says:

    You’re always playing some crazy sport or other. 🙂

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