Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Satan behind illegal immigration, Utah County Republican claims

‘A Utah County Republican delegate may not be catching hell for calling illegal immigration a satanic plot, but he isn’t gaining any converts, either.

Utah County GOP Chairwoman Marian Monnahan says District 65 Chairman Don Larsen’s resolution – asserting that illegal immigration is the devil’s plan to destroy the nation by “stealth invasion” – “in no way” is endorsed by the Republican Party.

“It’s just free speech,” Monnahan said Thursday. “It’s Don’s right to do that.”

Provo Mayor Lewis Billings, a prominent Utah County Republican, says he understands Larsen’s frustration with the federal government’s slow response to immigration issues, but he doubts “there will be a lot of support for the resolution in its current form.” [..]

Members of Utah’s Latino community searched for diplomatic words to respond to the measure.

“It sounds like someone who is way out in left field, living in some fantasy world,” [..]’

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