Saturday, May 12, 2007


Fish farm workers pulled from vat of fish feces

‘Rescuers cut through a filtration tank of dense fish feces to reach four workers who fell into the sludgy dung Friday while cleaning the 18-foot tank at a western Massachusetts farm.

The workers became trapped for 45 minutes after a bracket holding a plastic filtration pad collapsed as workers stood on it to clean the fiberglass tank at the Australis Aquaculture fish farm, said Capt. David Dion of the Turners Falls Fire Department and the fish farm’s manager Josh Goldman.

One of the farmhands fell below what Dion described as a sand-and-feces mix, while the other three had their heads above the sludge, he said. [..]

“It was very slimy and it was heavy,” [Dion] said. “Never seen anything like it in my life.”‘

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