Monday, May 14, 2007


“Zoo” a strange, sad look at local horse-sex incident

‘No film comes to Seattle with greater baggage this year than “Zoo,” Robinson Devor’s strangely elegant examination of the infamous incident outside Enumclaw in 2005.

Surely you know at least the general details: A Seattle man died of internal injuries after having sex with a horse at a rural farm, which was later found to be the site of regular gatherings of zoophiles, or, as they call themselves in this film, zoos. The incident, news of which spread like fire on a dry field (it was this newspaper’s most-read online story that year), had consequences: numerous jokes and snickers, and a quickly passed antibestiality law in this state.

If everyone who read or e-mailed news of the story goes to see “Zoo” in theaters, it would be a box-office hit. But that seems unlikely for this unique and very odd film, a semidocumentary that uses voice-over and dreamy, dimly lit re-enactments — and which seems crafted for an audience who may not exist.’

Followup to Mr Hands.

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