Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Jail door slams on upset tenant

‘A partially blind, one-legged diabetic man chased his terrified neighbors with a 10-inch knife because their front door kept slamming, police say.

Cursing and ”yelling racial profanities,” Barry A. Friedman used his free hand to maneuver his wheelchair, North Miami police said.

”The couple escaped him by hiding behind doors,” a police report says.

The attack took place on the fourth floor of the Forest Place Apartments, 1600 NE 135th St., neighbors said.

Friedman, 61, admitted anger because building managers and police had been unable to stop his neighbors from slamming their doors.

The attack was the only way a ”diabetic man in his 60s, missing a leg and partially blind can take action,” he told police.’

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