Monday, May 21, 2007


Tagger hanging on to life following electric shock

‘An 18-year-old man suffered serious burns Wednesday after suffering a severe electric shock while spray painting graffiti inside an electrical substation in northwest Santa Fe, according to police. [..]

The substation near Buckman Road supplies electricity to 5,800 households in the area, said Jeff Buell, spokesman for the Public Service Company of New Mexico. About 115,000 volts of electricity flow into the substation through high-voltage wires. Inside, the current is redistributed and sent out to customers through underground wires. [..]

There is so much electricity running through the substation that the current does not need a strong conductor — such as a metal wire or stream of water — to escape and electrocute someone, Buell said. A stream of spray paint would be more than sufficient to conduct electricity inside the substation, he said.’

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