Saturday, June 2, 2007


The living dead crabs

‘[..] Peter William Eaves contacted Last Word to tell us that, while the surface of a long-established sand/gravel drive (laid in the 1920s or 30s) was being improved, a very strange phenomenon was discovered.

Beneath the drive, at a depth of 25 centimetres, were least 13 live crabs (all being around 7 cm in width). See a video of the crustaceans, courtesy of Mark Leitch. One had a barnacle its back, so it seems that it must have at one time lived near the sea. The nearest sea water is an estuary around 4km, and the sea itself considerably further.

Peter has owned the land next to the drive for around 40 years and reports there have been no repairs or excavations there during that period. We’re hoping that there’s some one out there than can tell us what on earth is going on here.’

(984kB Flash video)

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