Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Private school too cool for rules

‘No-rules culture – where teachers gave alcohol to teenagers and students turned up to class drunk and had sex on school camps – has been exposed at a private school in Melbourne’s wealthy eastern suburbs.

A Victorian tribunal has declared Alia College, in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn, was a school with an “anarchistic nature” where “anything is allowed and no one is prepared to take responsibility”. [..]

“There was evidence that some teachers had become concerned that students were having sex together and drinking alcohol at school camps,” it said.

“There was other evidence that a teacher had complained that students were coming to afternoon classes drunk, as another teacher was supplying them with alcohol at school. Morgan’s evidence about the provision by the school of alcohol to students was extraordinary. He appears to have done nothing to discipline any teacher for providing alcohol to students. Alcohol was said to be available to students at school functions.”‘

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