Saturday, June 9, 2007


Is it safe for your dog to lick your vagina?

‘Yesterday, someone found my blog by searching Google for the following phrase: “Is it safe to have your dog lick your vagina?” I fear that this poor soul didn’t find the answer she was looking for on my site, so I wanted to help her out in case she stops by again. And since I don’t know her name, I’m just going to come up with a handy mnemonic to remember it.

So, dear Dog Fucker, the simple answer to the question “Is it safe to have your dog lick your vagina?” is, of course, yes.’

30 Responses to “Is it safe for your dog to lick your vagina?”

  1. Vivian Says:

    It feels really good and great for a doggy sex toy. You got to try it if you are a virgin. Dogs have clean saliva so you got to try it out. feels so good! My dog is a dog fucker! Hell ya!

  2. Vivian Says:

    It feels really good and great for a doggy sex toy. Dogs have clean saliva so you got to try it out.

  3. JoeDaWeirdo1995 Says:

    LOL WTF?!?!?
    who does this shit?!
    is this a clean site, i dont even know if im supposed to be on this fucking dog fucking site.
    vivian you are a sick shit, if i was a girl, no way in HELL im letting a dog lick me. im not leting my dogs lick me anywhere exept the arm. Vivian you should be arrested for dang animal abuse.

  4. FuckYea Says:

    Yes, honestly they have such a sweet hot tongue and they love the sour taste of your vagina. I know that it feels absoutly amazing and they’ll like your asshole too. It feels great!

  5. ohyes Says:

    oh fuck yes, letting a dog lick you is so amazing! their toung has a great feeling and it is so amazing! their toung gets so deep in yer vagina! ugh makes me horny thinking about it! and having sex is even more amazing.

  6. hehe Says:

    I let my dog lick my vagina constantly and it is the most amazing feeling ever!!!!! when their big, warn toung gets in there, and just awwwwww! I am so horny right now just thinking about it. I love the feeling! there is no better feeling on this earth.

  7. anon Says:

    Hell, why your at it let the dog take your virginity too! You freak!

  8. ashley Says:

    It feels like heaven mmmmm I’m a virgin and it is GREAT to have my dog lick me

  9. Jane Says:

    I did it today for the first time. It felt so good i almost finished, has anyone tried using peanut butter? Or could that be bad?

  10. mek351 Says:

    should i try it i have been thinking about it

  11. Zoe Says:

    Wow it feels so good omg I love it my dog is the best but she doe sent do it often becease she’s just like that :>

  12. autumn Says:

    is this seriously a thing?
    what even brought me to this??!!
    this is nasty
    y’all need some serious help.

  13. Skyler Says:

    its awesome

  14. Tina Says:

    Im a dominant 21 year old girl, My boyfriend is my sex slave but in public we are normal like others. he licks me hours and really good but I like my little dog tongue action so much, I like little puppies, cus they are so cute and I like how they swirling between my skinny legs 😀 struggling to reach to my private and lick me, I trained my puppy to lick me none stop till I stop him, he is fixed as I just want him for my pleasure, he loves my sweet pee taste, anytime im in bathroom I hold my little puppy front of my pee hole so enjoy the taste of my pee, he is small so he cant get all so I allow him to get as much as he can and I love when I see he is struggle to take as much as he can, then he licks me off,.. Iv got another 2 little puppies fixed and training them too I want to train them to lick other part of my body. feet and asshole..

  15. Silver Says:

    Ok so at first I was scared, due to not knowing it was save. Still I think it could be had but to hell with it. I’m 13 and all honesty it’s. A good feeling BUT I live with caring parents so my dog licks me when they are gone or when ok it’s safe to do it.’s. Warm and node and truely they do have clean toungess

  16. Olivia Says:

    How is it animal abuse if the dog likes it

  17. bordum Says:

    I let my dog lick my vagina too its amazing!!!!when its deep in its…………..sooooooo goooodddd…..

  18. Amanda Says:

    where can i find someone that has a dog that likes to lick pussy email me if there is anybody that lives close to me in sherman tx i would love to have some fun

  19. Jin Says:

    When my dog my pussy ,I think I am in heaven!

  20. Jin Says:

    I let my dog to fuck me every day at noon.

  21. Jin Says:

    Let your dog fuck your ass every night!

  22. Lol Says:

    Yessss I agree to all of those who say when their dog licks their vagina. It cleans all the stuff up in there even when ur on ur period dogs vacuum that Pussy my dog got its head stuck in my pussy but it felt great I recommend it for all the ladies out their I feel so horny right now but I think it’s even better then sex!!!😍😍😍😍

  23. Lizzy Says:

    My dog is in love with my pussy
    Now she won’t stop licking and fucking me it feels so good

  24. Emmalee Says:

    It feels amazing when my dog licks my vagina it feels good when my dog puts his tongue deep inside me

  25. Anonymous Says:

    just did it now!!! it feels hella niceeee!!! their nice warm tongue really gets into every crevice of your vagina, it really turns you on! all females, go try it with your dog!!! 10/10

  26. Ally Says:

    It feels great!!! Just get some peanut butter and spread it on your vagina and they will lick it!

  27. Girl Says:

    When my dogs big, hot, slippery tongue is licking my clit or when he tongue fucks me, it feels absolutely amazing! If you’ve never tried it.. 10/10 would recommend! & omg, he does it so rough! It’s really hot.. but I only let him whenever I’m too lazy to finger myself lol.. waaaaay better!

  28. Lily says Says:

    OMG YESSS! I have a dog and I let it lick my pussy. Ohh yeah it gets so wet and I get horny just thinking about it. Omg it feels so good the way they put there toung inside of my pussy ohh yeah it feels so good. You should try it

  29. Horno Says:

    It’s so fucking good like ugh and they enjoy it, like yes please come here and eat me out pupper!!

  30. Annie Says:

    It feels amazing when your dog licks your vagina!! It feels like heaven, if you are a girl and want to have some fun time I suggest a dog they love the sour taste

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