Saturday, June 16, 2007


Toddler survives wild ride on dad’s truck

‘It’s a small miracle that 3-year-old Christa Whitlow is even alive after a perilous 45 mph ride atop her father’s truck.

Christa climbed on top of the camper on her father’s pickup, then hung on for dear life when the truck started moving.

Carey Whitlow had no idea his daughter was on board. The sight of her wounds hurt him deeply. [..]

Christa apparently gripped onto the top of her dad’s camper for five whole miles. Police said they found her on Jim Hood Road, where she apparently let go of her grip. A passing driver said he saw her fall. But Daddy’s little girl got back up and chased after her dad.

“She said she got tired and stepped off and fell,” Carey said. “I didn’t know. That’s what hurt the most.”‘

(5.0meg Flash video)

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