Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Denied service for using her feet, woman says

‘On Nov. 3, Larson pulled up to the speaker at a McDonald’s in Rockford and ordered food for her and her boys totaling $23.59. She drove to the first window and passed them her credit card, gripped with the toes of her left foot. The cashier took the card, processed her payment and handed the card back to her.

According to a lawsuit Larson filed against the restaurant’s owner last week in Winnebago County, when Larson pulled up to the second window to get her food, an employee said “with a tone of disgust and repulsion,” “What’s the matter with you? . . . You ain’t got no arms. … Let me see your arms,” and drew back the bags of food from Larson’s outstretched foot. After making more allegedly rude statements, the employee closed the window and went to consult a manager, the suit states.

The manager appeared at the window and likewise stared in disgust at Larson while her children watched from their seats in the car, the suit states. Larson suggested that they hand the bags to her son, who has one full-size arm. He reached over and took them.’

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