Sunday, July 15, 2007


Britain’s Persecuted Redheads

‘Prince Harry revealed this week that he’s been bullied because he has red hair. That takes some nerve — bullying someone whose grandma holds the keys to the Tower of London.

In Britain, redheads don’t have it easy, but since you can no longer say nasty things about race, religion, ethnic origin, disability or gender orientation, the only ones left to abuse seem to be redheads. It’s being called “gingerism.” In Britain, red hair is called ginger, and redheads, gingers. [..]

In the meantime, it looks like another home for the Chapman family in Newcastle. The Chapmans have already moved three times in as many years because of the abuse suffered by the six red-haired family members. Kevin Chapman says his 11-year-old son attempted suicide over it — not uncommon. According to the International Gingerkids Foundation, 10 percent of red-headed kids commit suicide by the age of 16.’

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