Sunday, July 15, 2007


Real Life Optimus Prime Challenges Megatron To Epic Battle

‘You may remember these two gentlemen, as we recently covered them in the run-up to the Transformers movie debut. Optimus Prime changed his name to honor his childhood hero, while Jason Burrows took the less drastic step of altering his middle name to Megatron. Now it seems that Optimus has had enough tomfoolery and wants to settle things once and for all:

Jason “Megatron” Burrows:

The mighty OPTIMUS PRIME is “OFFICIALLY” calling you out. If you are going to TAKE credit for bearing the name of my one true nemesis, then man up and take MEGATRON as your first and ONLY name. Otherwise, stop being a poser and come up with your OWN idea!

If you accept, we shall publically do battle to be recorded for the entire TRANSFANDOM!!!

“One shall stand, one shall fall!”‘

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