Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Man Finds Naked Woman ‘Taking Baby To Satan’

‘An investigation is under way involving a nude woman in the middle of a busy road claiming she was taking her 7-week-old baby to meet Satan.

News Five’s Emily Longnecker reported that Lebanon police are calling this one of the most bizarre cases they’ve ever seen.

A South Lebanon man discovered the woman walking along Miller Road Saturday morning, with her baby in her arms.

“She said flat out she was going up to meet Satan and take the baby to Satan. He told her to walk up there naked and bring him the baby. So I didn’t know what to think after that,” said Steven McCabe. [..]

When police got to Mitchell, they said there was no sign of her baby. When they asked Mitchell what she’d done with him, she told them she had given the baby to Satan because he told her he wanted it, Sgt. Jeffrey Mitchell said.’

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