Friday, July 20, 2007


Horse lived in feces-filled home

‘Modesto police have arrested a man and a woman on felony charges of child endangerment after discovering that a “mini-horse” lived in their home’s kitchen and dining room, which were covered with trash and feces.

An animal control officer visited the one-story house at 1233 College Court on Monday after neighbors told police about the horse and seven dogs kept in the back yard. Joe Curtis Silva, 30, denied having a horse in the house, but the officer saw Silva trying to load the animal into a vehicle and called for more officers to investigate, police said.

“The conditions were horrendous,” said John Bear, animal control supervisor for the Modesto police. “This miniature horse had been housed indoors for I’m guessing a good length of time by the amount of animal waste that was built up inside the house.”‘

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