Sunday, July 22, 2007


Asbo for the 12-year-old thug nicknamed Chucky

‘A chubby-faced tearaway nicknamed Chucky after the demonic horror movie doll has been issued with an Asbo after using up 85 per cent of the local police time.

Oliver Clinch, 12, brought chaos and fear to his neighbourhood as he went on an alcohol-fuelled crime spree, smashing windows, stealing, abusing residents in the street and leading other youths ‘like the Pied Piper’.

Clinch’s victims are looking forward to their first peaceful night in more than a year after he was given a two-year anti-social behaviour order.

They hope it will bring to an end the 12-month reign of terror during which

4ft 5in Clinch committed at least 60 offences in Little Lever near Bolton.

PC Graham Westwell told Bolton magistrates that he had spent 85 per cent of his working life dealing with Clinch’s crimes. He said: ‘In my view, these 60 offences in the last year represent only half of the crimes he has committed.’

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