Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Parents contacted lawyer, then 911

‘Jason Shenfeld’s parents noticed their 26-year-old son was acting nervous, locking his bedroom door every time he left.

He wouldn’t give his mother his complete set of bedsheets to wash. When his father went in to retrieve them Friday night, he saw why: Shoved into Shenfeld’s bedroom closet, stuffed among sheets and clothing, was 18-year-old Amanda Buckley’s body.

Shenfeld told his father that the teen overdosed on drugs and he panicked, a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office report states. Then he fled.

Investigators found duct tape in Buckley’s hair, bruises on her body and evidence of rape, according to the report. They also found a garbage bag filled with duct tape and rope.

An autopsy Saturday revealed that the college-bound softball star was strangled, beaten in the head and sexually abused.’

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