Sunday, August 5, 2007


US man with no arms, one leg jailed on traffic charges

‘A man with no arms and one leg who would not stop driving despite a long list of traffic violations was sentenced to five years in prison today on the latest charges.

Michael Francis Wiley, 40, was also sentenced to 15 years of drug offender probation. He pleaded no contest in June to a variety of felony driving and drug charges.

“I’d just like to say I know what I did was wrong,” Wiley said in court today. “I am truly sorry your honour. I am.”

Wiley taught himself to drive after losing both arms and a leg in an electrical accident when he was 13. He has already spent more than three years in prison for habitually driving without a licence, kicking a state trooper and other charges.’

Followup to Armless, One-Legged Driver Leads Chase.

(6.5meg Flash video)

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