Saturday, August 11, 2007


Kent Man Faces Fine For ‘Impeach Bush’ Sign

‘A northeast Ohio man is in trouble for displaying his thoughts on President George W. Bush.

The Kent homeowner wants the president impeached, but how he voiced that opinion could cost him $125 and possible hundreds more, reported NewsChannel5’s Pete Kenworthy.

“I was charged with advertising on public property, a violation of Kent city ordinance 503.02,” said Kevin Egler.

Egler maintains that the ordinance doesn’t cover what he did, placing a sign saying “Impeach Bush” on public property. [..]

“What police don’t have a right to do is selectively enforce the law. Military recruiters can place signs, garage sales, Realtors, but if someone doesn’t like the president, you arrest them and treat them like a criminal. That’s not what the United States is about,” said attorney Bob Fitrakis.’

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