Thursday, August 16, 2007


‘Violent’ barrister ‘waved penis about’ at wedding

‘A drunken barrister accused of exposing himself to bridesmaids before battering a guest at a wedding told his victim he would ‘seriously beat him up’, a court has heard.

Best man Christopher Dunn, 40, so offended women and children guests at the country hotel reception, that David Baird-Dean stepped in to drag him away.

Dunn was threatened with police being called but guests relented when he offered an abject apology and pleaded as a barrister he would be in trouble if arrested, Preston Crown Court heard.

But hours later the heavily built lawyer allegedly beat his victim until he was unconscious after ushering him onto a sun terrace outside the venue, Harefield Hall Hotel in Pateley, Bridge, North Yorkshire. [..]

Its alleged the trouble began when Dunn was asked if he had a tattoo of a white rose, to which he replied, “I’ll show you a white rose” – then unzipped his trousers and pulled out his penis.’

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