Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Cops beat me, says disabled man

‘A disabled former Parks Department enforcement officer has filed a complaint against cops who he says snatched him off his toilet and dragged him out of his apartment.

Dominick Walters, 38, said he and his elderly mother feared for their lives when six city cops busted into their home on July 28 and arrested him.

“I was on the toilet, and they busted through the door,” said Walters.

“My mother was screaming and trying to tell them that I am disabled, but they didn’t listen,” he continued. “One of the police officers karate-chopped me with his hand between my shoulder and neck. Then they beat my a– from the top of the steps to the bottom.”

Walters’ attorney, Jayne Pickup, said her client was taken to St. Barnabas hospital on July 28 after he passed out in police custody.

She said one of his legs was swollen to twice its usual size, his arm was numb and he was in severe pain.’

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