Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Wyoming man entangled in car wash

‘A Wyoming teenager is dead after being caught in machinery at a car wash. Ricardo Martinez, 18, was an employee at the “Goo Goo 3-minute Car Wash” on 28th street.

Martinez was cleaning the brushes, preparing to close for the night, when he let one more customer go through Friday night. Somehow he got tangled in hoses, crushed in the machinery, and was found by another customer who saw the lights on, and came in for a car wash.

Police aren’t discussing the graphic details of how it happened, but they’re sure it was a terrible accident, because it was captured on tape from a security camera.

Lt. Scott Gardner, with the Wyoming Police Department said, “Had it not been for the video there would certainly have been a lot more questions about how this actually happened because it’s so different and unusual.”‘

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