Thursday, September 13, 2007


Funky Fries and other foods that flopped

‘1. Flower-Flavored PEZ®

No, that’s not a typo. Although it would be equally disgusting, we’re talking about flower, not flour.

Introduced in the late 1960’s, flower-flavored PEZ was designed to appeal to the hippie generation — complete with a groovy, psychedelic dispenser. But even in the decade of free love, no love could be found for the flavor power of flower.

Floral scents make for great perfume, but nobody eats perfume, and apparently, there’s a reason why. The flower version flopped, and became the next addition to PEZ’s long and disturbing list of flavor failures.’

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  1. nogard0 Says:

    i loved flower flavored pez…. i sent away for a whole case of it. honey suckle, rose, lilly of the valley (gardenia?), and another flavor as i recall. (reading comments i think it was violet.) i miss them and FIZZIES.

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