Thursday, September 13, 2007


Man charged with having sex with boss’s dog

‘A Fayetteville man was charged Sunday with having sex with one of his boss’ dogs. [..]

A neighbor told authorities she saw Johnson assaulting one of two adult female pit bulls the morning of Aug. 21 in his front yard, said Animal Control Officer Frank Ringleberg.

Johnson was living in a mobile home on Autumn Drive in Vass before he moved to Fayetteville, Ringleberg said. The owners of Presidential Tree Service, the company where Johnson works, let their employees live in the mobile home, Ringleberg said.

Both dogs were taken to a veterinarian for examination, Detective Bill Mackey said. One of the dogs had minor injuries, but the veterinarian could not determine how the injuries were made, Mackey said.’

It would make for an interesting tactic during salary negotiations. ‘Give me a raise or I’ll fuck your dog!’.. 🙂

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